10 Ways to Wear a Winter Jumper ❄

10 Ways to Wear a Winter Jumper ❄

1. With your favourite jeans! 

retro high waisted belted jeans favourite jumper street style autumn winter

2. With a pleated maxi-skirt.

pleated floral maxi skirt jumper leather clutch street style autumn

3. With a leather pencil skirt.

jumper and leather pencil skirt street style autumn winter

4. Or layer up with your go-to biker jacket.

leather jacket selfie layering jumper street style autumn winter

5. Pop a shirt on underneath and get this adorable look!

sitting on steps schoolgirl look street style trend winter jumper

6. You cannot go wrong teaming it with a wooly scarf.

wooly cosy comfy jumper scarf street style

7. Try wooly tights and a high waisted mini-skirt!

walking forest garden maroon trend autumn winter street style jumper skirt hat

8. & if it's not too chilly, a pair of vintage shorts!

street style patterned shorts tights jumper

9. Or you know, just on its own, in bed! (with matching socks of course).

tanned legs bed instagram coffee jumper winter autumn

10. Better yet, team it with your favourite Treaty rings! 😉

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