🎅 12 Gay Beards of Christmas 🎅

🎅 12 Gay Beards of Christmas 🎅

"Two best friends from this cozy little nest called Portland, Oregon. We tend to think the world needs more love & laughter."

1. Facial Fir 

2. Festive glitter beard anyone??

3. Every time a bell rings a man grows a beard

4. On the fourth day of Christmas The Gay Beards gave to me... Baubles!

5. Candy boys.

6. Cocktails under the Christmas lights!

7. Deck the halls with crocheted holly.

8. All wrapped up, with a bow on top, ready to go under the tree.

9. When it's cold outside and you really couldn't stay. 

10. Stockings on the fireplace. 

11. Is this too sappy??

12. Curly and all wrapped up. 

Happy New Year!

happy new year 2017 gay beards

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