15 Cross Stitch Gift Ideas

15 Cross Stitch Gift Ideas

Broke this winter? Me too! Lucky for me I have a new hobby, and EVERYONE is getting a cross stitch under their tree this year whether they like it or not.

Like my idea? I've got some options for you!:


1. For the friend who always makes you go out on a work night:

funny cross stitch present bad influence friend gift

2. For the forgetful one in the family:

remember phones keys wallet reminder cross stitch embroidery

3. One for the perpetual lounger in your life:

home is where the heart is no pants lounge funny cross stitch embroidery

4. One for your honey:

honey bee comb pattern embroidery cross stitch ring present gift

5. To trigger a Game Of Thrones fan:

game of thrones hodor pattern funny cross stitch black blackwork work embroidery

6. One for the house proud:

take off your damn shoes sign for house kids funny cross stitch embroidery purposeful

7. For the friend who don't take no s**t:

fresh out of fucks flower floral swear word swearing funny cross stitch embroidery

8. For the mindful:

after all tomorrow is another day inspirational quote cross stitch embroidery gift idea

9. One for the spouse:

make me a sandwich funny embroidery woman man cross stitch sign

10. Perfect for the Laundry room.

laundry room sign cross stitch embroidery funny naked tomorrow

11. One for those internet introverts:

meme cross stitch introvert funny embroidery reddit 9gag

12. A more accurate twist on the Home Sweet Home:

rental sweet rental home sweet home cross stitch embroidery pattern funny present christmas

13. For the silly-joke enthusiast:

for fucks sake for fox sake foxy lady cross stitch embroidery funny gift idea christmas pattern

14. For the office probably:

office my brain is giving me the silent treatment funny cross stitch embroidery

15. The classic! A cross stitch bauble.

cross stitch bauble idea christmas xmas pattern tree decoration

We hope you enjoyed this post by this crazy cross stitch enthusiast. Post what you make with the hashtag #treatycrossstitch so we can see! 

For now have some patterns for those baubles: 

cross stitch snowflake pattern gift idea christmas xmas red


Thanks for Reading! 

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