🎁 15 Gift Wrap Ideas 💝

🎁 15 Gift Wrap Ideas 💝

So you've done all your Christmas Shopping! Or plan to! And you want to show your giftees that you really care, and put thought into it. Enter the world wide web of clever people with brilliant gift wrapping ideas. We found our favourites:

1. Cut out your own pyramid gift-boxes. (Perfect for jewellery).

gift wrapping ideas xmas christmas pyramid ribbon jewellery box diy

2. Weaving wool on plain paper. Would be lovely with red & green!

wool weaving ribbon gift wrapping ideas xmas christmas

3. Starry do-it-yourself cellotape! No need to buy ribbon or anything here.

star glitter tape ribbon gift wrapping ideas xmas christmas

4. Print a white detail on with a doily. Easy peasy.

doily printing potatoe wrapping paper gift ideas xmas christmas

5. Are you a good doodler? Fold an old book's pages with pegs and ribbon for this unique look.

book page cute diy homemade handmade packing ideas christmas birthday pegs

6. Get to pom pom making for this lovely look! Super quick pom pom tutorial here.gift wrapping ideas xmas christmas pom pom tutorial fan

7. Sew your own stars!

star sewing gift wrapping rip open packing paper monochrome pinterest ideas xmas christmas

8. Book page paper tied up with string with the giftee's initial in the corner!

customised personalised gift wrapping brown string ideas xmas christmas

9. We're definitely doing this one - just tie a DIY snowflake round some brown packing paper. Lovely! (Snowflake tutorial here).

gift wrapping cut out snowflake ideas xmas tutorial easy wrap christmas

10. DIY wrapping paper! Print with leaves for this stylish effect.

diy wallpaper gift wrapping paper wrap ideas xmas christmas

11. Wrap just a section of festive wrapping paper around the middle with plain packing paper! Add ribbon for good measure.

gift wrapping part bought ribbon red ideas xmas christmas

12. Toilet roll gift pouches? Hmm.. maybe the giftee wouldn't figure out they were toilet rolls if you painted them.

gift wrapping diy home bits toilet roll things to do with a ideas xmas christmas

13. Everyone loved a sprig of tree. Tie plain gifts up for this lovely look.

sprig tree fern gift wrapping ideas brown string xmas christmas

14. Find yourself some star stickers and I will be very jealous of you. Love this simple one!

easiest gift wrapping ever wrap black and brown ideas xmas star stickers christmas

15. Finally, if you've got kids especially, how fun would it be to walk into the living room to this!

snowman out of presents gift wrapping for kids ideas xmas children cardboard christmas

Or you could just let us do it!

FREE gift wrapping with every order! & you don't even have to ask.

We hope we've left you with some great inspiration! What a great group activity it'd be to DIY all your own gift wrapping like this. Can't wait to actually finish the Christmas shopping so we can start.

Thanks for reading!

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