💄 20 Abstract Makeup Looks 🎨

20 Abstract Make up looks 2019
Sometimes we just cannot be bothered to get up early enough to do our makeup. But what if you had to make more of an effort for a special event? We've got you covered with our top 20 best catwalk looks of all time. 😉
1. My wedding day makeup.
no makeup wedding day makeup
2. via instagrammer @evamageart.
polka dot lips fun lipstick makeup graphic abstract
3. Simple orange and black.
catwalk makeup abstract simple no makeup black orange
4. Emma Maclaren in geometric clown glitter.
Emma Maclaren glitter swim cap clown makeup abstract
5. "Why are you late?" mfw:
why are you late makeup on fleek body art abstract graphical graphic makeup catwalk
6. Asymmetric eyeliner.
zigzag zig zag makeup blue flicks asymmetric eyeliner makeup blue katvond
7. Downcast catwalk flicks on fleek.
downcast eye flicks eyeliner makeup black geometric
8. Artistic tipp-ex at MSGM.
msgm campaign shot black and white weird makeup tipp-ex face abstract catwalk
9. Contour egg head.
contouring gone too far fail egg head
10. Taking the 90s tribal trend too far.
tribal makeup 90s tattoo eyelid temporary white albino
11. Simple sunrise catwalk eyes.
sunrise eyelids eye makeup eyemakeup
12. Completely ignoring your natural lip line.
lip eyes lips surreal ignore natural lipline glitter tears
13. She got up really early before work.
geometric eyeliner flicks late for work
14. Double brow black and white.
black and white japanese catwalk model makeup korean chinese 90s updo
15. Always highlight your best side.
which is my best side highlighting white albino beautiful cute
16. Just red, geometric drip.
red and white makeup cosplay halloween sleeping model makeup abstract weird body art
17. Phantom of the Opera chic.
phantom of the opera costume professional makeup cosplay day to night weird
18. Eyebrows of envy.
green with envy eyebrows green hair she-hulk vegetables vegan
19. Never fall asleep at a house party.
fell asleep at a house party makeup catwalk
20. & Last but not least - straight off the catwalk at Vivienne Westwood SS18.
vivienne westwood catwalk makeup paint ss18 spring summer 2018
Mark my words we'll all be looking like this come Spring Summer 2018! For now you can just go ahead and look drab with those contoured smokey eyes.
Thanks for Reading! 

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