20 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

20 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

So easy you'll be screaming!

We love halloween, horror movie marathons, spooky decor and pumpkin themed everything; But we're less keen on the panic that comes with having to decide what to wear for that dreaded costume party your friends just had to throw. Luckily for you here comes a blog post full of the cheapest DIY costumes the internet has to offer. You'll be having fun in no time. Bring on the party goers!:

1. You already have the costumes for this one - Go as eachother!:

2. Double denims and headscarf? You can do it:

3. Witches hat and circle of fabric to cut into a web:

4. Skeleton girl - an excuse to contour hardcore:

5. Dead battery & wifi (EEK!):

6. Bettyjuice - Just makeup and a stripey jacket.

7. Creepy scarecrow - you probably own some of these items already:

8. Damian from Mean Girls! So easy:

9. Very minimal spending, and you've got an excuse if you're particularly clumsy with your drinks:

10. Oversized ts FTW! Fruity friends:

11. Paper doll - just foam board and paint:

12. He brought the ice! Netflix & Chill:

13. A cute cactus complete with pink net fascinator:

14. Black and white everything - Minimal effort, maximum effect:

15. Hilarious Castaway fans - "WILSOOON!":

16. The dummy from the Saw franchise - red tie, shoes and face paint:

17. French KISS - stripes and facepaint:

18. Maleficent - Wear your fav black number and spend an afternoon making these horns:

19. It doesn't get more effortless than this!:

20. & a Martini for the dog!:

Thank you for reading our blog! We're sorted for halloween for sure now. Effortless silliness here we come.

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