ūüźĚ 20 Embellished Tights ūüĎĮ

ūüźĚ 20 Embellished Tights ūüĎĮ
Lirika Matoshi incredible embellished tights have set her on a steady incline to full blown internet fame, and for good reason. These handmade creations are just stunning and took days to complete.
A million needle pricks later and with a loooot of patience, she completes pair after pair of dazzling new designs to sell on her Etsy shop.
Here's a selection of her most fabulous creations!:
1. Purple & blue hue iris fishnets.
2. Jewelled pineapple fruity fishnets.
8. May fishnets.
14. Pearl and daisy fishnets.
15. Dark blue embroidery fishnets.
20. It's not just tights either! She's started making beautifully detailed gloves, socks, and headbands.
Isn't she a beauty!
You can follow her on Instagram here:  
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