20 Ideas to Draw Your Own Wallpaper

20 Ideas to Draw Your Own Wallpaper

It's time to Ditch Wallpaper! Finally your phone-call doodling skills can come in handy. We have faith in even the worst of scribblers with these patterns, and remember slip-ups add to the beauty of it! Check out these oh so do-able doodles (and a few more advanced ones for you illustration nerds):

1. This one is by the amazing Eley Kishimoto.

eley kishimoto draw own wallpaper

2. Five paint markers, one wall.

draw your own wallpaper clare power zig zag

3. Triangles on triangles on triangles.

triangles on triangles on triangles draw walls

4. Un-even painted lines with dots on!

draw on walls yellow black wallpaper

5. Simpler than it looks. Curvey lines following curvey lines.

posca paint markers on floor pink like kate moross

6. Boxes and dots.

monochrome wallpaper paint markers draw your own

7. Dotty lines forever.

white marker on black wallpaper ditch

8. Arches in blue.

blue arches draw on tablecloth wallpaper

9. Four colours, empty and solid spaced out triangles.

triangles 4 colours hollow solid draw doodle sketch illustration retro wallpaper

10. This would be fun. Shell pattern for the bathroom?

clams shells wallpaper walls draw sketch doodle

11. For the more confident doodler, faces!

faces heads drawn on illustration nerd professional installation

12. Swirling dotty lines. Would be lovely on colour too!

satifying doodle monochrome pattern wallpaper draw you own

13. Optical illusion anyone?

optical illusion drawing doodle sketch

14. Paint marker U's.

turquoise hand drawn wallpaper

15. Houses! Three colours. For the illustration nerds.

houses house village wallpaper cityscape city scape

16. Hip as hell, lines and arrowheads. Easy peasy.

arrows arrowhead arrow head wallpaper monochrome draw your own

17. Hands, just copy these ones. 

hands doodle sketch repeated wallpaper

18. Less doodling more rolling. Wrap string around your roller.

wallpaper hack pattern string on roller

19. Upvotes for days. Four colours on pink.

upvote pattern triangle pastel wallpaper

20. Don't fancy drawing it yourself? How about just colouring it in! Buy this design by Jon Burgerman here.

jon burgerman colour color in wallpaper

Do any of these designs with Posca Paint markers! (Available in lots of colours and nib-sizes on Amazon).

posca paint markers amazon uk

thank you for reading!

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