Breaking Fabric Rules

Breaking Fabric Rules


Medium & Heavy Weight Linen is Trending for Autumn/Winter.
"new linen weights stretch the limits of seasonal wear. Heavier linens in appropriate colours (think khaki, navy, grey, or black) make themselves wearable right into the fall."
Title Image credit: Jigsaw
"when fall rolls around, swap light colors for darker ones, and tissue-weight tops for heavier linen blends. Limited only by your imagination and tastes, fine linen garments will do your bidding." - Orvis.

"How do you feel about seasonal fabric 'rules'"?

"Why shouldn’t I just wear linen right now if I like it?" - @meleliza
 "I think lots of people break the “rules” I mean who made up the rules anyway? And since when do they dictate to us what fabric we can and cannot wear when?" - @justsewit
"I wear linen in winter all the time." - @Sarvi
"I live where it can get very, very cold in the winter time and I still wear linen. I have a special petticoat/slip I wear when it’s really cold and it’s made from two layers of linen ... I have found many reason to use linen in a year ’round wardrobe. - @Violaisabelle

Linen Street Style we spotted this Autumn 2016

Below: Checkout the Treaty AW16 Over Shirt (in mid-grey, one size) photographed by the brilliant @theyardlifestyle!

Checkout Treaty Linen Now:

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