✏ Q&A with Treaty's Designer 💍

✏ Q&A with Treaty's Designer 💍

Bath Life Magazine are doing a feature on the Treaty boss! the big cheese! Our Girl Boss! Popping over to a local coffee shop, the local reporter sat Treaty's Maggie Allonby Briggs down for a good grilling over danish swirls and flat whites. Out later this month - here's the interview!:



What are the Jewellery trends right now?

The last few seasons have seen a trend towards finer, lighter jewellery with lots of  long layering and small, quirky pendants. If you combine this with a simple choker you’ve got a look that’s very current.



Suggest one piece of jewellery worth investing in for the party season?

I am a big fan of the cocktail ring. The bigger the better! And I find that they attract far more attention than, say, a necklace or cuff, however, rings tend to be a last minute addition to an outfit but really they can bring a look to life. My favourite is a gorgeous black Onyx ‘knuckle duster’ picked up in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. I wear it most days and have used it as inspiration for my latest collection of Luxe jewellery.

We all know about necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but is there a trend for wearing jewellery on other areas of the body?

For me it has to be the humble brooch. Out of fashion for many years but now thankfully making a come-back. Every season I design at least 3 new brooches and the trend has been towards simple but statement, organic shapes. They look great on the lapel of a big winter coat or used to hold a scarf in place.

What are the quirkiest trends you’re seeing?

Recently I have seen some of the more avant garde designers like Idriss Guelai combining body jewellery and eveningwear. Like the amazing jewelled arm cuff  and dress worn by X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger on the show. Not a look we can all pull off but a great talking point!


Describe the style of the jewellery you sell.

Treaty jewellery has a unique bohemian style using aged-old techniques to produce very striking silver plated pieces with a beautiful matte lustre which has become our trade-mark. We are best known for our statement necklaces and earrings although recently stacking bracelets and cuffs have also become popular.


As a jewellery designer where does your inspiration come from?

I've been designing jewellery for almost 6 years and I still get a real buzz when I see one of my designs being worn.  I am constantly inspired by the people and the world around me; the shape of a leaf or a flower. I love organic form and I think it translates into jewellery perfectly.



What does jewellery mean to you?

To me jewellery is an expression of my personality. I tend to wear quite muted colours so I rely on my jewellery and accessories to lift my outfits. I come from an interior design background where accent colour is key and I suppose I have just transferred that ethos into my everyday wardrobe.



What piece of jewellery do you own that means the most to you and why?

That’s a very hard question! I adore jewellery and enjoy wearing so many lovely pieces, but I guess the most sentimental piece I have in my collection is a rather heavy gold charm bracelet given to me by my late father in the 1970’s and re-purposed from an even older hunter watch chain. He would give me a new charm for each birthday and over the years I collected quite a few!


Maggie is currently working on a collection of clothing and jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2018. She will be exhibiting Treaty's SS18 and AW18 collections at multiple Trade Shows across the country in the new year, with her business partner & son Josh Round.

Watch this space for an online launch date so we can all get shopping! 

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Interview with: Maggie Allonby-Briggs. Managing Director and Designer at Treaty Jewellery in Bath, UK.

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