🐯 Spotlight on the Tribal Origins collection 🌵

🐯 Spotlight on the Tribal Origins collection 🌵

Pictured in the title image above: Corinne wears the Jocelyn necklaceCathy earrings.

This collection takes us back to where the Treaty trends originated. Artisan pieces designed for those with a true sense of self & style.

Pictured below: the Zelda set, and the Mya set.

Every order comes with embossed Treaty gift wrapping:
Pictured above: the Virginia cuff and Poppy earrings.
Pictured above and below: The Archer set, Sierra set, & our cover girl Jocelyn necklaceCathy earrings.

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        Trade Package  
Buy from the Tribal Origins collection as part of your normal order
  • Free treaty dove branded pillow gift packaging
  • Free treaty postcards & tags

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