🏆 Treaty's in The Jeweller! 💆

🏆 Treaty's in The Jeweller! 💆


We're in The Jeweller! Thanks to a very lovely journalist called Louise Young.
Thanks Louise!!! 💕 You're looovely! 👯 
Our 'Luna' necklace from our brand new Luxe Collection was featured in the "biggest names" coming to the Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 Trade Shows section of the magazine of top brands to look out for.
We've since added a few finishing touches to 'Luna' to make her even more fabulous too. This piece is also available in dazzling clear crystal and they both have a matching long necklace, cuff, ring and earrings that complete the set (again all available in clear crystal). We can't wait for you to get your hands on these gorgeous high quality pieces.
nag national association of goldsmiths jeweller the magazine uk
You can buy from Luxe here. Or for Trade Enquiries scroll to the bottom of here for full information on Luxe minimum orders.
See Luxe at the Trade Shows!

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