The Origin Of Treaty

The Origin Of Treaty
Join us on our journey to the origin of Treaty Jewellery
The Origins of Treaty Blog - STATEMENT JEWELLERY
Our journey begins with many hours of travel...
Bustling Markets filled with rich aroma
Bustling markets filling the senses
 How far would you go to find something or somewhere truly unique?
Treaty Online Shop
The jewellery's heritage is as historic as its surroundings
Treaty Silver Fashion Jewellery Samples
We found a rich history in an ancient and reliable method of production
Melting Pot
Simple techniques all done by hand 
No modern technology used, at all
With weird and wonderful processes
This machine was incredible
Soldered piece by piece
Beautiful intricate designs require unusual techniques
Getting closer to the finished product
Flower jewellery pieces
Very simply, handmade
Finished to the highest standard
We care about the Ethics of our jewellery-
(Above is Maggie sharing lunch at the canteen)
We love the fact our jewellery is simply and ethically made,
So why not show the world?
We hope you enjoyed 'The Origin of Treaty'
Speak soon 
Maggie and Josh

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  • A lovely story! I know Istanbul very well, perhaps that’s why I love Treaty so much!

    JIllie USher on

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