Custom Jewellery Collections

Create your custom jewellery collection today!

Our in-house designers can create a range of branded jewellery to suit any style. 
The minimum order quantity per piece is 30 and with a lead time of only 8 weeks we can react to any trends you may be interested in.
If you think your company would benefit from a custom range of Silver plated jewellery please 'Contact Us'.
See below for some of our current stockists.
A Postcard from Brighton is an independent fashion house who design and manufacture eclectic clothing in the UK. In collaboration we have produced an SS15 collection that captures their spirit.
Orvis are an extremely well established brand that has been trading since 1856. They are well known for their country wear and sporting goods.Its been a real pleasure to be part of a truly great brand with a real vision of its heritage and future.
 Oska are a high end fashion label. Their fashion choices are bold and work extremely well with our statement style. Collaborating was a complete joy and we are thrilled with the outcome.Visit their stores around Europe for a glimpse of what we can do. 
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